Hex stuff

Hex: A Strategy Guide

My in-depth strategy guide to the board game Hex. Topics range from the rules and basic concepts to advanced strategy. All diagrams in the book are interactive, so you can try out variations and ideas as you read.

Hex Puzzles

My collection of 500 Hex puzzles. Your goal in each puzzle to find the winning move. Once you place your move, the computer will respond—keep playing until the puzzle is marked correct.

These are also available as a PDF, either in standard or go style.

Opening move database

Database of games played by top players on LittleGolem, showing moves and thier winning percentages. Click on a move to see follow-up moves and their winning percentages.



Artillery game, inspired by the classic Scorched Earth. Earn credits to spend on stronger weapons and defenses.


Zero player game. Watch the teams fight it out.

Real Time Strategy Game

Unfinshed but playable strategy game, somewhat like Command and Conquer. Extract oil, build an army and destroy the enemy bases.

Other stuff

Football visualizations

Graphical visualizations of football games.